"Vengeance is a dish best served white hot!"

With Vain’s demon horde destroyed, there can be no doubt the Divine Warrior has arrived...but is he ready?
Michael faces a danger only a few mortals have ever known. The Seven Deadly Sins, or the Siblings as they are known, are aware of him and Wrath has taken physical form and now walks the mortal world!
But fate will not let Michael struggle alone. Drawing strength from friends, both old and new, the 23 year old embraces the path that was set out for him before he was born. A path that will lead him to an unlikely ally -- one that even the angels have forgotten.

"The battle between heaven and hell just got personal."

Born to families with polar views of faith, Michael rejected the concept of anything spiritual...that is until the nightmare approached him. Plagued with blackouts and a voice that only he can hear, Michael turns to new friends as he is hunted by demon and demon-slayer alike. No longer able to deny the truth, Michael must decide what to believe in, before the darkness takes him.